Guided explorations to discover your inner Wise Woman

Aging gracefully as a woman can feel like a great challenge and yet our bodies, minds and hearts were perfectly designed for this important rite of passage.

We have created a series of SIX free mini-immersions for women moving on from the menopause to the ‘maven’ or elder phase, designed to empower, nourish and inspire you. Join us to explore how you can connect with your inner Wise Woman.

We offer these events for free as it is our purpose to encourage and build a Wise Woman sisterhood.

We envision Wise Woman Ways as a worldwide movement of feminine elders that nourish their own communities with wisdom, grace and power.   

Your Hosts: Julia Bull, Tara Kley and Elizabeth Lovius have over 100 years combined experience in serving women. We are offering a variety of ways for women to circle together and flourish as wise and confident elders. You can find out more about that here: www.wisewomanways.earth

We also warmly invite you to an intimate, one week, retreat in the Alpujarras, Southern Spain.

Followed by 9 monthly circles with your sisters (online) to integrate and deepen your experience..

Monday 30th October to Monday 6th November 2023

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Guided explorations to discover your inner Wise Woman

Thursday Aug 3rd
11.30 – 13.00pm (90 mins)

Learn from our practical experience how to stay juicy,
stand in wisdom and age gracefully as we enter our third chapter.

On our first FREE 90 MINUTE immersion we introduce you to ourselves and offer you a taste of what you can expect on the Wise Woman Ways journey.

On this mini-immersion, we will offer practices and understanding on:

1. How to stay juicy through being present with your Body
2. How to stand in wisdom through understanding the nature of your Mind
3. How to age gracefully through deepening connection into your Heart

We will also go deeper on these topics on our future online events.

Kitchen magic for how to stay juicy and nourished

Sat Aug 19
13.00 – 14.00pm (60 mins)

Abracadabra! A tasty, feel-good and nutritious meal in minutes

Join us on this mini-immersion with Cookbook Author of LoveFood Julia Bull our own Kitchen Witch and Ways of Love Maven as she magics up and demonstrates how to create a quick, healthy meal.

Julia will open up her fridge, kitchen and workspace to introduce the kinds of foods that help us to stay young and vibrant and show you how these can be easily prepared.

In this immersion Julia and friends will chat, share and demonstrate:

  • What makes a healthy meal for women at this stage of life
  • How to care for our gut health and show how you can easily make: 
    • Kombucha
    • Sauerkraut and Sour pickle
  • Tips for making a meal tasty and appealing using garden herbs, spices and store cupboard ingredients such as quinoa and rice
  • Making nourishing, comforting, feel good treats such as bliss balls and turmeric latte

We will record this session for you to keep so you can repeat the recipes for whenever you need them.

How to create your sleep sanctuary and evening ritual

Wed Sep 6
20.00 – 21.00pm (60 mins)

Age gracefully through sleeping better and honour yourself like a Goddess.

Join us on this mini-immersion for tried and tested tips on how to sleep better. Tara Kley our Wise Woman Ways Embodiment Maven will share and show what she knows can help to make it easy to rest well. 

In this immersion, Tara will:

  • Explain as we get older; how it impacts our sleep and why we need less sleep 
  • Share tips on how you can rest better 
  • Answer questions and offer advice on sleeping problems
  • Share effective practices and rituals for nighttime 
  • Conduct a Yoga Nidra session to sink in deeply and experience a restful state 
  • Give yoga postures that are good to do before sleeping 

We will record this session for you to keep so you can repeat the sequences whenever you need it.

Liberate yourself from anxiety and stand in wisdom

Fri Sep 15
12.00 – 13.00pm (60 mins)

Learn how to let go of old stories, patterns and insecurities and listen to your natural wisdom

At times, life can feel overwhelming. We can feel anxious, lost and locked into patterns and insecurities that we KNOW don’t help us but we can’t seem to shift. It can feel we are hitting our head against a brick wall. 

The truth is that we CAN navigate anything life throws at us. When we settle down on the inside we discover a wisdom that helps us navigate any circumstance with calm, clarity, and common sense. Elizabeth Lovius our Empowerment Maven has worked with thousands of people to help them come home – on the inside.

On this webinar we will both explore and experience:

  • What is permanent that we can count on inside of ourselves at Core 
  • What is temporary and will pass if we can allow it to be
  • How patterns are created and how they can be uncreated
  • What is our Wisdom and how to let it lead
  • The secret to how you can navigate life with ease – no matter what you are dealing with

We will record this session for you to keep so you can re-listen whenever it might be helpful.

Lets talk about sex

Frid Oct 6th
19.00 – 21.00pm (2 HRS)

Explore how sex at midlife can be satisfying, empowering and juicy

Join us for this very special intimate mini-immersion to explore how we can stay juicy as we age. 

During and post menopause our interest and capacity for sex can change. We might not feel so sexy or perhaps our partner has lost interest. We might feel as if we are drying up. If we are single, we might think the time for a juicy sexual life is over.

Tara Kley our Wise Woman Ways Embodiment Maven and Julia Bull our Ways of Love Maven have spent a lot of time exploring their feminine sexuality and will share their secrets and answer questions. 

We will cover:

  • Our own journeys and perspectives on mid-life Sex
  • Being in touch with our body and its unique needs
  • How to feel sexually alive and juicy as a mid-life woman
  • Tantric sex for women – the basic principles
  • How to use a yoni egg to stay open and sexually alive
  • Practising a sensual massage
  • Sex as a single woman
  • Your Q&A

We will record this session for you to keep so you can re-listen whenever it might be helpful.

The power of your voice


FRI Oct 20th

11.30 – 1.00pm (90 mins)

Discover your natural voice and experience harmony, self-expression and the power to create your world

The Wise Woman needs to use her voice.  Join us to discover directly the riches available through self-expression. Singing is one of the most ancient human ways to connect, to discover harmony, to express, to feel, to release and to nourish the soul.

Discover how to tune in and tap into your natural self expression and the power of your voice to literally change your world.

On this immersion we will:

  • Learn about the science of singing and how it impacts the nervous system
  • Experience the harmony and connection of singing together 
  • Learn about the power of mantras 
  • Experience directly the joy and calm mantras bring and explore their sacred deeper meaning
  • Practise breathing and releasing blockages
  • Liberate your natural voice
  • Understand how we create and heal our world when we speak 

We will record this session for you to keep so you can re-listen whenever it might be helpful.

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