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Wise Woman Ways

Uncover your inner wise woman and flourish as a confident elder

Online content, in-person retreats and sisterhood for women in their third chapter

We support women moving on from the menopause to the ‘maven’ or elder phase with a variety of ways to empower, nourish and inspire you, to help you uncover your inner wise woman.

Aging gracefully as a woman can feel like a great challenge and yet our bodies, minds and hearts were perfectly designed for this important, soulful rite of passage.

Your Hosts: Julia Bull, Tara Kley and Elizabeth Lovius have over 100 years combined experience in serving women. We offer a variety of ways for women to circle together and flourish as wise women.

We envision Wise Woman Ways as a worldwide sisterhood of confident feminine elders who nourish themselves and their communities with wisdom, grace and love.

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