A bit more about me

I was born in 1964 growing up in Amsterdam with two artistic hippie parents.

It was a time when Eastern philosophy, spirituality & living an eco-friendly lifestyle were embraced.

My parents were part of a group of young people ready to change the old ways by organizing provocative and playful ‘happenings’ with the aim to wake up people.

Then one day (I must have been about 6 years old) my mother decided to leave Amsterdam and go on a spiritual journey to India with me.

I remember that it was a big change for me but at the same time it felt like a new adventure.

It was not always easy but I can now say that this experience changed the course of my life forever in a deep and profound way.


We traveled overland to India, visited many spiritual places, lived in different communities and ashrams, and met (so-called) enlightened people.

We traveled with very little money and I remember my mother healing us with herbs that the locals offered us when we got very sick one time.

Most of the people in India live a very simple and pure life and so did we.

Then one day my mother heard about a place in South India called “Auroville”.

This is, by the way, a spiritual community that is still functioning today.

Auroville was founded in1968 by Shri Aurobindo and The Mother.

When we came there in 1971 there were around 3000 people from all different countries. The vision was to live in a more peaceful and harmonious way, above all political and religious views and nationalities. Building a new ideal world together.

Sri Aurobindo said, “Auroville had been created as a center and a field for higher spiritual consciousness and to realize human unity”.

It felt like we had found a new home.

There were lots of children to play with and I went to school and learned about yoga and meditation, I have happy memories of that time.

But then when I was 8 years old again something happened that changed my life forever. It took me from feeling happy and safe into a roller coaster of fear and insecurity. My mother suddenly got very weak and sick and a few days later she died… This was so quick and unexpected, there was no goodbye, I was in total shock…

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