About SunFoodYoga

Hi, my name is Tara and I created Sunfood Yoga out of my love for deep transformative yoga retreats.

My whole life I have done all kinds of retreats and stayed for years on end in different ashrams in India.

I have worked on many retreats as a yoga teacher for the past 35 years.

In 2006 I started to create my own retreats and bring together the most beautiful elements in a retreat that I could imagine.

Also, I always felt that eating a light diet that consisted mostly of raw food really helped to enhance the meditation and yoga experience because it gives a feeling of clarity and lightness.

Yoga and a raw-food diet help us to resonate on a higher vibration where we come home to ourselves into a peaceful sanctuary.

For me, home is not just a physical place in the outside world but ultimately an inner quality of relaxation and contentment!

We are a small family-run business, with my partner Inti and our 2 talented sons.

Inti is an amazing masseur, our son Sky plays beautiful mantra music and our son Surya is a very good website designer and made this website and set up all my online courses.

Our three talented chefs, Sam, Pam, and Amanda make the most delicious raw food you can imagine.


On some of our retreats, we also offer plant medicine, women’s sacred practices, ecstatic dance, chakra dance, self-nurturing practices, kirtan, mantra or bhajan music, cacao ceremony, nutritional talks, and other inspiring topics to our retreats.

I just love being with a group of like-minded people in beautiful natural places and living a natural lifestyle in peace, joy, and harmony.

Treating our bodies as our temple and bringing the sacred back into our daily life through mantra, meditation, yoga, dance, mindfulness, and empowering each other to be the best version of ourselves!


Transformational retreats with yoga, delicious raw food and a journey through the chakras.

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