Revitalizing Yoga Detox Retreats in Spain

Heart-opening yoga retreats in nature with light plant based food to cleanse & nourish

your body and bring deep inner transformation & wellbeing!

7 Day Retreat in the Alpujarra mountains in Southern Spain

Retreat in Spain in 2024
11 – 17 May

Just Imagine for a moment…

Waking up early in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping, the sun is just rising behind the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada and life feels so peaceful, around you are ancient olive and orange trees and fruits ready to be picked.

No single worry on your mind, no work day ahead of
you, no appointments, no house to clean, everything is taken care so you can relax and recharge yourself while you slip back into the natural rhythms of nature.

You sit down for your meditation practice while the first rays of sunlight catches your face and you feel deeply grateful when you realize that your first retreat day has begun.

Tell me, does this describe you?

  •  You have a very busy life schedule and have no time to focus on your self and your needs.
  • You have a deep interest in yoga, meditation and an overall healthy lifestyle, but you may lack the time, motivation and determination to go through with your desires.
  • You are an independent person who loves to go on exciting adventures and deep inner journey’s and at the same time you also like to connect with like-minded people, sharing incredible experiences together.
  • You enjoy to be a lot in the nature and relax your mind with a morning meditation.
  • You have a positive mind-set and life-vision!

If you’ve answered YES to three or more, then this revitalizing retreat was made especially with YOU in mind!

Enjoy the southern Spanish nature; the Sierra Nevada mountains and the Mediterranean beaches.

In a time when we are busier than ever, it’s so important to take time to recharge and rejuvenate. Nourishing ourselves from the inside out, and re-treating from the world.

Doing yoga while you gaze at the endless sky, smell the scent of flowers and hear the sound of birds all help us to relax and open our hearts and start to feel whole again.

Rawfoods help to cleanse and detox in a gentle but profound way. You can still eat delicious food and at the same time purify your blood, which gives you better mental clarity.

This carefully designed experience is made for YOU to un-wind from your busy lifestyle.

Not only will you have a week of fun, relaxation and peace, even more importantly;
you’ll take the peace home and enjoy a happier and healthier lif

Yoga & Meditation

Healthy Food


Yoga in Nature

Nature and yoga naturally weave together to transform our practice into a heightened experience.

Practising yoga and meditation outside in nature when it’s quiet and peaceful gives us a sense of restful presence, a clear mind, and an open heart.

Surrounded by the high mountain peaks of the Sierra Nevada and the sound of birds we start to feel more connected to ourselves and become more still, calm, present, and aware.

Detox the mind & body with the Sunfood diet…

Sunfood is high vibrational raw food or living food which helps the body feel light and energized, it’s also very nourishing, nutritional and delicious.

It will kickstart your metabolism and could start the process of weight loss if that’s your desire.

Both yoga & rawfood help the body and mind to detox, they improve the functioning of the digestive system and cleanse the organs of harmful toxins.

In this way, you can break through the vicious circle of negative thoughts and decreased energy, and preserve your youth and health for a long time to come.

What is Sunfood?

Let’s get this clear right from the start – Sunfood (Rawfood) is simply delicious – You will not be able to even imagine what’s possible with just raw vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Breakfast can be anything from almond milk with granola, banana pancakes to crackers with avocado and cashew cheese with a green smoothie prepared with Superfoods.

Lunch and dinner times are always a joy for the senses.
There’s always something fascinating to taste – and If you can’t eat or like certain things – no worries – we are happy to accommodate any of your food preferences.

All food is gluten, sugar, and lactose-free at our retreats – only delicious homemade raw food, using the freshest and organically grown ingredients when possible. In the evenings we also offer some cooked food like quinoa and steamed vegetables or a warming soup.

We’ll create lots of delicious meals together including sushi, lasagna, and desserts and we’ll then get to eat what we’ve created (yes, detailed recipes will be provided for you to take home).

The raw cakes are full of fiber, minerals, and vitamins, something I have to remind myself of when it seems too good to be true to eat cake for breakfast. That they actually give my body lots of nourishment and stable energy.

Weight, mood, energy, skin, health, attitude will change and you can expect a wonderful burst of positive energy!

Falafel sunfoodyoga style
Raw Vegan Falafel Recipe

The Venue

Together we will stay in a large Finca with century-old olive trees, fruit trees, and tropical gardens.

The whole place is very spacious, full of flowers and it has a lovely big swimming pool.

The main house, with the kitchen and the dining room, has several single and double rooms with beautiful views of the mountains with each their own bathroom.

There are also small houses which have 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen-dining room and living room, porch and private garden for each house.

It’s just a 20 minutes stroll to the village ‘Orgiva’ where there are health shops and you can buy nice souvenirs, especially on Thursday morning when the alternative community from around the area comes to the market to sell their homemade artistic jewelry, art, clothes and more..

Other Delights



To start with, In my opinion no Retreat would be complete without indulging yourself in a nurturing and revitalizing massage treatment which will leave you feeling invigorated, intensely relaxed, and totally refreshed! Ahhhhh…

bhajan circle

Bhajan Circles

In a bhajan circle we come together to sings mantras in a circle. Some people will guide this by playing guitar, harmonium, drum, flute or any other instrument. You don’t have to be able to sing to join. It’s all about connecting with the Divine and allowing your heart to open. 

beach yoga


We will make an excursion to the mountains where we can dip ourselves in ice-cold mountain pools and stand under the mighty waterfall (if you dare?) or we can do some relaxing yoga and meditation at the beach on the beautiful Costa Tropical and swim in the ocean and enjoy a delicious picnic together.


Cacao Ceremony

If enough people want it then we can organise a Cacao Ceremony.
These are centuries-old rituals seen as the ultimate heart-opener.
They are a powerful tool to dive deeper into your inner soul and help you feel softer, more present, and loving.



On our hands-on workshops you can learn to make some special rawfood recipe . We will show you for instance how to make your own raw chocolate, energy balls, raw crackers and granola, how to sprout, grow indoor greens etc. You will learn so much about nutrition that will help and inspire you to make these foods at home as well!

Dance Session

Rebecca Faro from “Dancing Inside Out” invites you to get in touch with & explore your inner movement. Expressing it outwardly helps heighten your self-awareness, allowing for new insights to be shown & experienced. 

Hi, I’m Tara, founder of
Sunfood Yoga Retreats…

Yoga has been my guiding light ever since I was a little girl, living with my mother in a spiritual community in India called ‘Auroville’.

Now, 50 years later I am still very passionate about meditation and yoga and what it can do for people.

With my yoga I hope to bring people back to their True Self, to a place where they can feel inner peace and well-being.

After having taught yoga on other retreats for many years I created  my own transformational yoga retreats in 2006 under the name “Sun-food-Yoga”.

I feel that yoga & meditation when experienced in a beautiful natural surrounding and combined with a high vibrational diet helps people to release stress quickly and creates a space for deep transformational healing to happen.

When we let go of unhealthy habits we can age more gracefully, which is more about being healthy and happy than keeping wrinkles at bay I feel.

During the retreat, together with my team we will take care of you to the best of our ability and I will personally teach most of the yoga classes and will invite some guest teachers to share their skills with you too.

I really look forward meeting you!
With love and gratitude


Daily Schedule

Each day the yoga and meditations are dedicated to one of the chakras.
In this way every day has a different focus and we slowly rise up together from the root to the crown.
The workshops on food preparations, walks, outings or other creative activities, mantra singing, discussions, inspirational films, and documentaries that we offer throughout the retreat are all included in the price .

Massage & therapy sessions are optional and not included in the price.

Root Chakra day.

We tune in to the earth element and the qualities of the first chakra
through the yoga & mediation classes and by taking time to re-connect
with nature and making a walk in the surrounding area.

Daily Schedule:

8:00 – Lemon water and herbal tea

8:30 – Base Chakra Meditation & Mantra

9:00 – Yoga to ground ourselves into the root of our Being.

10:30 – Breakfast

12:00 – Optional massage or therapy session

14:00 – Lunch

17:00 – Relaxing and grounding Yin Yoga

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Nature walk.and the qualities of the second chakra.

Swadhistana chakra day.

We tune in to the water element and the qualities of the second chakra.
through the yoga & mediation classes and by going to the river, a waterfall,
or the sea. Also being playful and sensual is part of the second chakra
and we will help hydrate and cleanse our body by drinking lots
of fresh spring water and fresh juices.

Daily Schedule:

8:00 – Lemon water and herbal tea

8:30 – Second Chakra Meditation.

9:00 – Yoga to get into our flow

10:30 – Breakfast

12:00 – Go for an excursion to the river, a waterfall, or the sea in the surrounding area.

14:00 – Picnic

17:00 – Flowing playful Yin Yoga session with live mantra music.

19:00 – Dinner

Manipura Chakra day.

We tune in with the fire element and will have a fire ceremony to let go of that which no longer serves us.
We will work with ways to heat up the body and get our inner fire and digestive system going

We tune in to the fire element and the qualities of the third chakra.
through the yoga & mediation classes and will have a fire ceremony
to let go of that which no longer serves us.
Also we will work with ways to heat up the body ( agni)
and get our inner fire and digestive system going.

Daily Schedule:

8:00 – Lemon water and herbal tea

8:30 – Third Chakra Meditation.

9:00 – Yoga to start activating our inner fire

10:30 – Breakfast

12:00 – Optional workshop on how to spice up your diet.

14:00 – Lunch

17:00 – Yin Yoga for the digestive system

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Fire Ritual 

Anahata chakra day.

We tune in to the water element and will deepen our yoga and meditation
practice with more pranayama breathing techniques.
This day is all about opening our hearts ♥

Daily Schedule:

8:00 – Lemon water and herbal tea

8:30 – Anahata Chakra Meditation.

9:00 – Yoga to open the heart

10:30 – Breakfast

12:00 – Time for a nurturing massage or a swim

14:00 – Lunch

17:00 – Yin Yoga for the heart and lung meridian

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Sharing Circle and Heart opening Cacao ceremony.

Vishuddi chakra day.

We tune in to the element space and will deepen our yoga
and meditation practice with more mantra singing.
This chakra is also about expressing our truth and not
holding back ♥

Daily Schedule:

8:00 – Lemon water and herbal tea

8:30 – Vishuddi Chakra Meditation.

9:00 – Yoga to open the voice

10:30 – Breakfast

12:00 – Time for a nurturing massage or a swim

14:00 – Lunch

17:00 – Yin Yoga with mantra and mudras

19:00 – Dinner

20:00 – Bhajan mantra singing circle.

Ajna chakra day

Meditation and yoga are more meditative as we connect
and tune in to our inner guidance, wisdom and intuition.

The element here is light♥

Daily Schedule:

8:00 – Lemon water and herbal tea

8:30 – Ajna Chakra Meditation.

9:00 – Yoga to go more inward and connect with our inner guidance

10:30 – Breakfast

12:00 – Time for a nurturing massage, swim or walk

14:00 – Lunch

17:00 – Yin Yoga with meditation and mudras

19:00 – Dinner.We tune in to the element space and will deepen our yoga

Sahasrara chakra day

We open ourselves up for Divine guidance and will then slowly depart around 11 am

What you can expect from this adventure

  • Expect to be well-nourished and taken care of every single day!
  • Meeting like-minded people that could become your friends that last a lifetime.
  • Feeling lighter, younger and with more energy than you have had in a long time.
  • To be inspired to live more healthy and happy and feel more whole in yourself again

What you’ll take home

  • Inspiration and dedication to live your best life!
  • Have the ability to create mouthwatering high vibrational & nutritional sun-food meals on your own!
  • Have a solid yoga practice for yourself ( we will help you with that also after the retreat)
  • and feel so much better than you have been feeling in years.

What’s Included in the Retreat

  •  Daily morning & evening meditation & yoga sessions
  • Accommodation
  • Three delicious meals & picnic 
  • All rituals & ceremonies
  • An excursion 
  • Hands-on cooking classes with our talented Chefs
  • Free WIFI
  • Raw chocolate workshop
  • Mantra singing sessions
  • Bhajan singing
  • Movie night
  • Nutritional talk
  • Superfood workshop
  • Use of the big swimming pool and gardens
  • Fruits, spring water, tea, and juices throughout the day
  • Heart sharing circle
  • Fruits, spring water, herbal teas throughout the day
  • Call with Tara before and after the retreat.

What’s Not Included

  • Airport pickups and airport drop off’s on the day of arrival and departure (we can arrange that for you)
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance 
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services, and taxis.


It’s best to fly to Malaga (Granada is also possible) and from there we can arrange a pick up for you.

If you want to be picked up and share a ride then it’s best to arrive at the Airport before 14 pm.

For flight you can check out:


All options include private bathrooms.
If you’d like a longer or shorter stay feel free to inquire about price options.

Shared Room

7- day retreat: 

Single Room

7- day retreat: 


7- day retreat: 


All cottages are near the swimming pool, and include their own terrace, living room and kitchen.

Can’t come in MAY?

If you’re interested but can’t come in May you can fill in the form and I’ll keep in touch about upcoming new dates for this particular retreat.

Get a better insight into your retreat experience in these videos

More Testimonials from our last retreats in 2023

A transformational journey on a 7 days chakra retreat with Tara.
Getting away from the rat race was the first on my wishlist with the Priority to do yoga, rest and reload energy.
I dived deep into yoga, meditation, mantra singing and raw food surrounded by the peace of the Alpujarra mountains.

I came out with much more than I asked for.
A lot more connected with all of my chakras, a relaxed body and mind, stretched in all possible ways, connected with my breath, loaded with information on raw food and super foods, my 1st cacao ceremony - which I will never forget plus I had all my sore muscles and blocked emotions massaged by Inti.
I came back to myself. 🙏🏽 thank you all at Sunfoodyoga.
Yoga day 2
Dear Tara, First of all thank you very much for a wonderful time. I enjoyed very much the raw food.

The combination of yoga and raw food was just amazing. I even lost 2 kg.

Maybe also because every morning I went for a walk in de very hilly environment. From the first day I had a feeling like we knew each other already, much fun and lots of laughter.
And what i loved the most was the chanting, in the morning, evening and especially during the cacao ceremony. Flows of joyful tears came down my cheek. It's a week since I am back home. And the joy is still much alive. The retreat definitely is heart opening. Thanks again, till we meet again. Love Peace and Light

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