Sky’s bhajan journey…

Singing mantras to me is a way to connect with the Divine

Singing and chanting help me to feel more peaceful, happy and connected

I remember growing up as a child hearing people around me singing mantras together in groups and feeling a deep sense of peace, love, and togetherness.

My parents used to organize mantra singing circles around the fire in our tipi home in a little community in Spain.
It was always a beautiful way for everyone to come together.

So I grew up often hearing people around me singing mantras and rainbow heart songs together.

This gave me the inspiration to also start singing these beautiful songs and it has changed my life in a profound way that is difficult to explain in words.

I first started singing and playing Bob Marley songs at a very young age and later mantras on the guitar and by the age of 17, it became a big part of my life and one of my favorite things to do.

It has brought me a lot of happiness and peace over the years and I love to see how it does the same for those around me.

At its simplest, the word AUM (OM) serves as a mantra. It is believed to be the first sound that originated on earth. When the AUM sound is produced it creates a reverberation in the body which helps the body and mind to be calm.

Mantras can be seen as melodic phrases that express our longing for truth, reality, light, immortality, peace, love, knowledge, and action.

Some mantras don’t have a specific meaning but are musically uplifting and spiritually meaningful.

Most mantras are in Sanskrit because we have a strong connection with Indian tradition.
Also, it is said to be the most ancient and unique language and can influence our entire being on a very deep level.


When we come together to sing and chant we open up our hearts and we can more easily feel a sense of connection and unity.

Mantra meditation can awaken a state of peace and joy which is actually our original true state of being.

In India, there are many different Gods & Goddesses and their names make up most of the texts of mantras.

Each person may have a mantra/beloved Deity to which they feel most connected.

For example, Ganesha is the remover of obstacles.

We can sing out to Ganesha to help us face the challenges in life and to ask for guidance and protection.

Shiva is known for the aspect of pure consciousness, as bringing deep states of being and experiencing different levels of consciousness within and out of all life’s forms and happenings…

Also, he is known as the destruction of ignorance, of all that which no longer serves us…

Paving the way for a new creation, for new opportunities and possibilities…

The Goddess Devi can feel like a warm all-encompassing mother but she cuts through ignorance and hindrances too…

When we sing the mantras it is not always necessary to understand the meaning.

The most important aspect is the amount of devotion with which we sing.

For the moment we can let go of all our fears, worries, and anxieties and just focus on singing with an open heart and letting the sound’s vibrations transport us to a deeper state of peace and happiness.

We temporarily detach ourselves from the world around us and rise above the petty problems that hold us down.

We often work out for the wellness of our body, but not so much the wellness of our soul and spirit.

In communing with sacred sounds and prayers, we discover a layer of our Being that is always present, always here, always yearning to be touched.

This is an opportunity to drop every personal judgment, expectation, and interpersonal drama and join together in recognizing the sacredness of the Heart.

Whatever we may be going through, being with each other in this way can create a level of experience that words cannot describe.

Wherever you may be, commune with an open heart and see what happens. Discover something that words cannot describe.

Every day, we encounter a lot of challenging and stressful situations, which can affect us and make us feel tense, scared, and fearful…

Chanting mantras can surely help in reducing the negative energy around us and make us feel a lot calmer.

Allowing ourselves to connect with deeper states of our mind can help us unlock keys to the mysteries of the universe…

Where there is vibration, there is sound.

So a mantra could become a key to opening up a different dimension of life and experience within you.

There is so much more to say about the benefits and joy of singing mantras but most importantly to just start experiencing it for yourself…

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