Why Gut Health is so Important

When you have pain and discomfort after eating,
inflammation issues such as arthritis, or feeling depressed or anxious.
then maybe it’s time to look at your gut health.


Our health – good or bad – starts in the gut

Like many, we have experienced how important Gut health is. Through our personal journeys, we have learnt and discovered ways to support and create a healthier gut biome which is integral for our general health and well being.

Research shows that many diseases, intolerances, and mental health issues can be the result of bad or weak gut health, this could be the result of poor diet but it goes much deeper than that!

We inherit in our DNA from our parents a significant amount of gut bacteria therefore some people are able to digest, tolerate, and assimilate foods and toxins easier than others…

However, this is not of course the only factor that has an effect on our gut health. We are constantly exposed to pollutants and toxins that have to be processed and eliminated by the intestinal tract, and in this time of sterile environments,(eg . anti-bacterial gels, bleach, chlorine, etc )the healthy bacterias that are important for our immune system and the assimilation of the nutrients can be destroyed.

Organic food is an important player in regaining our gut biome as many peoples gut health issues are due to consuming non-organic foods from an early age, these chemicals that have been widely used and especially on wheat crops is said to be one of the main reasons for the increase in gluten intolerance and celiac disease.

Stress is again a major player in affecting our gut biome, we all know that feeling when we are stressed, angry, or anxious, our stomach tenses up and we feel uptight. This is not​ good for digestion and can increase hormones in the body that will do damage or slow down the digestion process.

The gut and the brain are connected by the Vagus nerve so this is why our mood and mental state are affected by our diet and digestive system. The intestinal tract is a complex system made up of thousands of nerve endings and trillions of bacterias and viruses that communicate with our brain.

If we are stressed and anxious it affects our digestion and similarly if the bacterial flora in the gut is out of balance or the gut lining is damaged as in” leaky gut syndrome”, the brain will not function well and may cause depression, anxiety, mood swings, or even the possibility of autism and ADHD.

If you have leaky gut syndrome then toxins will be released into the blood system, making extra stress on your liver and kidneys and creating food intolerances.

Whether we have no symptoms or mild symptoms such as bloatedness and discomfort after eating or more severe symptoms such as allergies, lethargy, depression, autoimmune diseases, Chrons or colitis, eczema, psoriasis, or weight imbalance, it is always important to maintain a healthy gut biome.

This can be achieved by incorporating more pre and probiotic foods and a healthy diverse diet that consists of high fiber, rich in omega 3 essential fatty acid, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and of course staying hydrated and relaxed.

Building a healthy microbiome is something you have to keep working on but we have created a 3-day online course where you can learn the basics to create a happy and healthy gut so you can get rid of that bloated and painful feeling after eating, feel slim, flexible and radiant from the inside out, sleep better, have a strong immune system and enjoy healthy food that will satisfy your appetite,​

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