How to rejuvenate your gut and get your vibrant energetic self back!

You’re in the second phase of your life, your energy levels are dropping, whenever you eat something wrong you get a bloated feeling and your dresses seemed to have shrunk…

This is exactly what happened to Anita…

After she became 50 she noticed that she couldn’t eat what she normally did without gaining weight and feeling bloated.

This was really annoying but she coped with it until she started to get problems with her sinuses, sleep, and mood.
She also noticed that her skin started to look dull.

She didn’t understand what was going on with her and decided to go to her doctor to have a checkup.
Her doctor couldn’t find any problem wi

She started to look everywhere for a solution and even tried out extreme diets that are popular on the Internet.

Nothing helped.
Some things made it worse.

By September 2019 she’d finally had enough and in one last ditch attempt to finally start feeling like herself again, she contacted us.

We showed her ways to focus on her gut health…

We made a plan for her that incorporated some special gut-recovering recipes and home made remedies.

With this and a few other lifestyle changes such as some specific yoga exercises and breathing techniques, she started to feel better within just two weeks.

Over time she finally felt like herself again, but the best part was that she could eat most of her favorite foods and feel like she did in her 30s.

What is “Gut-Health” and why is it so important?

A healthy gut contains healthy bacteria and immune cells that ward off “bad” bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

When there is an imbalance in your gut, such as an overgrowth of “bad” bacteria, it can confuse your immune system causing it to start attacking your own cells.

Maybe your gut flora has been destroyed or damaged due to medical conditions, pharmaceutical medication, environmental pollutants, or stressful incidents in your life.

Rebuilding a healthy gut is important on many different levels…

The gut also communicates with the brain through nerves and hormones, which helps maintain general health and well-being…

Does this feel like you?

With an unhealthy gut, you could be experiencing some of the following symptoms…

Feeling bloated?
( Extra belly fat? )

Gaining weight easily?
( For no particular reason, so frustrating! )

Having bad sleep?
( Waking up in the night with indigestion? )

Feeling grumpy or lethargic?
( No energy to do what you normally love doing? )

Food intolerances?
( And skin sensitivities? )

Sinus issues?
( Snotty nose? )

Pain and discomfort in the digestive tract?


OMG, this can drive us crazy!
Even if you just have one of these symptoms, it can make you feel quite depressed.

Imagine how would it feel to…

Get rid of that bloated or painful feeling after eating!
( And have better digestion )

Enjoy healthy food that will satisfy your appetite!
( And let go of unhealthy food cravings )

Keep sugar, bread, and dairy to a minimum!
( And lose weight if you need to )

Make your immune system stronger!

( We all need that, don’t we? )

Nourish yourself from the inside out!
( And have radiant skin too )

Wake up feeling rested!
( Because you finally sleep better )

Get rid of back pain!

Would you like to feel like that too?

Then we’ve got good news for you because that’s exactly why we’ve developed…

What we offer you:

> A fun digital training that you can follow at your own time and pace from the comfort of your own home.

> Clear video instructions for breakfast, lunch and dinner for each day so that you’ll be able to prepare foods that are beneficial for gut health.
> Effective yoga sequences that support the process through video.

> Relaxation exercises that are downloadable as mp3.
> Downloadable shopping lists with step by step well-explained recipes.

> The importance of breathing well to avoid anxiety.
> Learning the right techniques so that you can also live bloat-free in the future.

> 3 days packed with valuable information that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
> How to focus on what is important and how to do it.

> Feeling calmer, sleeping better, and building up your microflora.

What Benefits can you expect from this course?

♥ A clear idea and guideline of how you can heal your own gut!

♥ Have more energy, better digestion, and improved moods.

♥ Feeling overall more nourished with fewer cravings!

♥ Even relieve back pain and increase flexibility!

Especially when you…

> Are gluten and dairy intolerant?

> Get burning pains in your stomach?

> Or constipation, insomnia, or even leaky gut?

> Have Candida and can’t eat anything without getting blown up like a balloon?

Are you ready to start a new lifestyle that supports you rather than depletes you?

What Makes Our Course Special

Our course includes:

♥ Specific recipes video’s for gut-health 

♥ Yoga video’s for 3 days and beyond

♥ Downloadable recipes shopping lists

♥ Many bonuses…

You will have this course for life, so you can continue your gut love affair way beyond these 3-days!

> You are not only learning how to prepare healthy gut-loving meals and build up your microflora but also how to release stress, feel more flexible, calm, and sleep better.

> You’ll get extra tips from Amanda on how to modify recipes for variety and to fit your needs to make your gut health journey a real success.

> Clear video instructions with step-by-step and well-explained yoga sequences, recipes, shopping list pdf downloads breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

> Support from us through e-mail and videos 


Private Yoga Class

30 minute private online yoga class working with special postures that focus on our gut health, while tuning to your special needs.


Worth €45,-

Private Coaching Call

30 minute one-to-one call where we talk about the implementation of what you’ve learned in the course, considering your specific needs and condition


Worth € 75,-

Private Facebook Group

Also in our private Facebook group, we offer support when you might go through challenging times and we add extra recipes and tips



2 Extra Yoga Videos

Bonus videos from 40 and 60 minutes.


2 Yoga Nidra Relaxation Audios

Relaxation audios that bring you in a calm and relaxed state of mind.


7 Extra Recipes

Bonus recipes on making your own probiotics and gluten free bread.


Raw Food Recipes Ebook

Tara’s very own Ebook! full of Raw-Food dishes and smoothie recipes.


Let us introduce ourselves!

Hi, I’m Tara

Founder & Owner and owner of SunfoodYoga Retreats and a yoga teacher for over 35 years.

I was brought up with yoga as a way of life in a spiritual community in India as a child.

Yoga has helped me stay strong, flexible, and radiant even now while in my late fifties.

Food and yoga are my medicine! I love to eat food as fresh as can be!

This course will help you get rid of bloatedness after meals and give you more energy

as well as help you have better sleep so you wake up more energized and happy!

Hi, I’m Amanda

I have been predominantly a plant-based chef at yoga retreats for the last 15 years.

For the last few years, my passion for food and its beneficial healing properties has been focusing
on gut health.

I will be guiding you through 3 days of nutrition for your Gut Health focusing on food groups that will improve your Gut Biome and will introduce you to some tasty and beneficial recipes to “love up your gut flora”.

This could be the start of the new you, where eating is a pleasure and your body will feel healthy and live again.
I look forward to demonstrating how to make food with love, joy, and high frequency.

Reserve your spot!