Hazelnut Sponge Birthday Cake

hazelnut sponge cake

This cake was made by Pam for my 59th Birthday which happened to be during our Sunfood Yoga Retrest in Spain and as everyone loved it so much  I am […]

Panchakarma Cleanse Treatment

Himalaya view Sky pancha karma

Pancha Karma Cleanse in the Himalayas in India My son Sky just recently did a Pancha Karma in the Himalayas. Below he shares his experience… At the moment I’m at […]

Make a quick healthy sweet treat

Raw Chocolate balls

Make your own Sweet Treat Chocolate Bliss Balls Do you have these cravings for something sweet sometimes but don’t want to stuff yourself with unhealthy sugars and fats? Then this […]

Raw Falafel Recipe

raw vegan falafel with salad

Raw falafel recipe I wanted to make a raw falafel recipe that didn’t rely on nuts as the base ingredient, so I soaked a mix of buckwheat and sunflower seeds. […]

Granola Sunfoodyoga Style

Granola Sunfood Yoga style

Make our own Delicious Sunfood Yoga Style Granola Buckwheat and apple are the main ingredients in this granola and we use approximately 2 apples with every cup of buckwheat, You […]

Longing for the Source

Longing for the Source There is one thing all human beings have in common; we all want to feel at home! Now, what is it that makes us feel at […]

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